Lorna Kijurko was raised in Rovinj, Croatia. Based in Zagreb now, she works on different projects. Photography, art, design, storytelling and writing are her creative fields.  

She uses her photographs to explore human nature and the living space. Some of the main interests in photography include awareness of the present moment and presence, synergy of the body and the environment, self - awareness and contemplation, and the meditative aspect of action.  

Solo exhibitions

2023 Public space, Gallery Ulupuh, Zagreb

2023 Encounter, Gallery Modro, Zagreb

2020 Liveliness, Lauba, Zagreb

2018 Take your time, Photo Art Gallery Batana, Rovinj

2017 Liveliness, Gallery Siscia Obscura, Sisak

2016 Liveliness, Gallery Sv. Toma, Rovinj Heritage Museum, Rovinj

Group exhibitions

2023 Annual members' exhibition, Gallery Prsten, Zagreb

2022 Light and shadow, Međimurje County Museum, Čakovec

2022  Annual members' exhibition, Gallery Prsten, Zagreb

2022 Vizura 2022 / Reboot, Gallery ULUPUH, Zagreb

2021 2021 ProART, Gallery ULUPUH, Zagreb

2021 Water 2021, Krapina Neanderthal Museum, Krapina

2021 Water 2021, Gallery AMZ, Zagreb

2020 Zagreb Salon, National and University Library, Zagreb

2020 Youth Salon - Situation, Gallery Canvas, Zagreb

2020 Industrial Heritage of Sisak and Rijeka, City Museum, Sisak

2020 New members of ULUPUH, Gallery ULUPUH, Zagreb

2020 Water 2020, Gallery Modulor, Zagreb

2019 Contrasts, Photo Art Gallery Batana, Rovinj

2019 Female photographers, Gallery Principij, Rijeka

2019 Industrial Heritage of Sisak, Gallery Siscia Obscura, Sisak

2018 Woman in focus, Krk

2017  Zoom into the Psyche,  Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb

2017  7 Rovinj Photo Review, Photo Art Gallery Batana, Rovinj

2017 Balkan Photo Festival, National gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

2015 Art Fotosofia 10, Gallery Badrov, Zagreb

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